Thursday, February 2, 2012


A couple weeks ago I popped over to Milan for the weekend to see one of my oldest and best friends Corey for his Birthday, our friend Lindsey, and renew my traveler's Visa in Turkey. Corey was there for work from NY, and it was so nice to see him. Lindsey picked me up from the airport and we had an authentic Italian lunch. Then I trained into the city to see Corey and have a few drinks. When I was in Milan last April with my future mother-in-law Daphne, Lindsey took us to this restaurant which her friend owns. It was the best meal of my life and Lindsey took me back there that Friday night I arrived. Besides them being out of Bufala, it was a ridiculously delicious meal. The next day Lindsey had to leave for a match so I got a hotel in the city. Before I checked in though, Lindsey did some damage at Celine and I got to observe and drool. She got some drool-worthy pieces which I still think about way too often. They opened some Moet for us which was nice, I was just so happy to be there amongst all these amazing clothes and shoes and sunglasses and bags. It made us both pretty happy. That night I met up with Corey at his company's (John Varvatos) fashion show at this old old church in Milan. The venue was beautiful and the show was really cool. I had a lot of fun with my old friend and his coworkers from all over. The next day I was a little, um, tired from all the free bellinis so I got a late check out at my hotel. The old Italian man working in the bar made me a prosciutto sandwich and I trained back to Lindsey's house in Busto. There, an old man gave me a ride to Lindsey's address and I hung out and went to bed early for my earrllyyy flight time. It was a short trip and the only way it could have been better was if Brook had been there with me. Lindsey was the greatest host, and it was so nice seeing her and Corey. :)

my wonderful hostess.

my new favorite place

best meal i have had in a while.

this sitch made me super happy.

this babe in her Celine jumpsuit that was made for her.

my new party dress! ignore the Principe bathroom, whateva.
so happy to see this businessman!

happy to come to this though. and my little family.

My Italian adventures continue in a few weeks when my Mom and I fly to Florence and then roadtrip down to her little house in Barga. Bring on the prosecco.

ciao ciaooo

Sunday, January 1, 2012


We had a really great New Years eve... we went over to the Trommel's...made some yummy appetizers, I made some lasagna and salad, the bubbly was flowing, pumpkin pie, midnight dance party, great company... I loved it. This is going to be the best year.

its kind of hard to make this mask/ hat combo look cool.

his string broke...

the best pumpkin pie.. compliments of Jeroen

the Trommels !

some cards

not so into the mask

everyone needs a party hat

NYE smooches

doesnt get cuter.

happy fam.

the Billups'

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

C'est Noel.

Another Christmas away from home and we definitely made the best of it. Our friends the Pauldings invited us over on the 22nd for a dessert party/ gift exchange. They were really great hosts, we played some Christmas song charades and ate some AMAZING treats. We seriously had such a blast. Afterwards we went to this restaurant called Zuma in Ortakoy to meet our friends Logan and Lindsey and we had an amazing time with them also. It was a great night to kick off our Christmas week.

Brook's team had a match in Izmir on Christmas day, and although they don't celebrate Christmas here, his team was super accommodating for us. They let us fly with the guys and stay in our own rooms in the hotel, we got to eat all the meals with the team, everyone wished us a Merry Christmas... it was really nice.

We left early Christmas eve morning for Izmir, so the night before Brook gave me my present which was the Ipad 2. I was so so so excited and surprised by it, and I haven't let it out of my sight since. (He also got "love you infinity" engraved on the back which makes me love it even more) He ordered it and had our sneeaaaaky friend Karlie bring it over when she came. I don't know how I didnt find out.

Izmir was really beautiful and our hotel was pretty amazing. While the guys were at practice, Julie, Ellis and I went up to the SkyBar of the hotel and had some snacks and wine. We had an amazing view and the hotel was super festive. We also got to see our friends Kevin and Sara Hansen and their amazing little baby Avery. It was so good to see them and finally meet their little one. On Christmas morning we went to Starbucks with the Trommels and had some Christmas coffees, then we went to the match vs. Arcas. The team lost in 3 :( and Brook still wasn't able to play because of his wrist. We flew home that night, I had a couple glasses of Christmas vino at the airport and we skyped a few people when we got home. We got to bed at about 2am and were exhausted. The next day the Trommel's had us over for an incredible day after Christmas feast. We exchanged a few presents with them and got some pretty great treasures :).

wine at the airport on Christmas night

girls at the game

christmas sweater!

little kids 

merry christmas!

Ellis loved my iPad.

angel face

christmas babes

my girl
So surprised and excited about my new iPad!
christmas party!

Christmas song charades, so fun.

Mrs Claus


so many good treats


love this monster

The Trommels :)

our amazing hosts the Pauldings

The prettiest Christmas tree in all of Turkey probably.

It was really a great Christmas, two of our closest friends Kristin and Clay got engaged as well! Another couple of our friends also got engaged but they havent told everyone yet so I cant blow it up ;) But we are sooo so incredibly excited for all of them :)

I always get a little sad this time of year knowing that I have to wait a whole 'nother year until Christmas but so much is going to change between now and then and I have never been more excited for the year ahead of us.

Anyways, I hope everyone had the merriest Christmas!