Thursday, February 2, 2012


A couple weeks ago I popped over to Milan for the weekend to see one of my oldest and best friends Corey for his Birthday, our friend Lindsey, and renew my traveler's Visa in Turkey. Corey was there for work from NY, and it was so nice to see him. Lindsey picked me up from the airport and we had an authentic Italian lunch. Then I trained into the city to see Corey and have a few drinks. When I was in Milan last April with my future mother-in-law Daphne, Lindsey took us to this restaurant which her friend owns. It was the best meal of my life and Lindsey took me back there that Friday night I arrived. Besides them being out of Bufala, it was a ridiculously delicious meal. The next day Lindsey had to leave for a match so I got a hotel in the city. Before I checked in though, Lindsey did some damage at Celine and I got to observe and drool. She got some drool-worthy pieces which I still think about way too often. They opened some Moet for us which was nice, I was just so happy to be there amongst all these amazing clothes and shoes and sunglasses and bags. It made us both pretty happy. That night I met up with Corey at his company's (John Varvatos) fashion show at this old old church in Milan. The venue was beautiful and the show was really cool. I had a lot of fun with my old friend and his coworkers from all over. The next day I was a little, um, tired from all the free bellinis so I got a late check out at my hotel. The old Italian man working in the bar made me a prosciutto sandwich and I trained back to Lindsey's house in Busto. There, an old man gave me a ride to Lindsey's address and I hung out and went to bed early for my earrllyyy flight time. It was a short trip and the only way it could have been better was if Brook had been there with me. Lindsey was the greatest host, and it was so nice seeing her and Corey. :)

my wonderful hostess.

my new favorite place

best meal i have had in a while.

this sitch made me super happy.

this babe in her Celine jumpsuit that was made for her.

my new party dress! ignore the Principe bathroom, whateva.
so happy to see this businessman!

happy to come to this though. and my little family.

My Italian adventures continue in a few weeks when my Mom and I fly to Florence and then roadtrip down to her little house in Barga. Bring on the prosecco.

ciao ciaooo


holler at me.