Wednesday, September 15, 2010


my baked rigatone with tiny meatballs came out pretty good. The sauce wasn't as thick as it should have been but we enjoyed it...

The peach shortbread was sooo good. I took the advice from the blog and put them in the fridge at the end of the night and we continued to eat/love them all week.


post-bake and post-pilates (dirtbag).

I baked this red bean chili
last night and it was pretty least my boyfriend and I thought so (unless he's lying to me).

here are a couple pretty pictures I've taken from our balcony in the past week...

my favorite moon at my favorite time of day

single rainbow



  1. Get here alreadyyyy. I can't wait for our Belgian baking/sangria partyyyy. Oh, how we've changed...

  2. the next martha stewart...or bretty crocker. Can't wait to have a real kitchen for you to work with.

  3. AB always makes our dinner. This week though, I SUGGESTED what he SHOULD make. Work in progress.ish.


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