Monday, January 10, 2011

Mount Olympus

Yesterday we drove a little over an hour to meet Brook's Manager/friend Kostas and his family for lunch in Litochoro, a little town at the base of Mount Olympus. We weren't really sure what to expect but it was amazing. The town was soo so charming and the winter lodge up in the mountains where we had lunch was the cutttest place ever. Surrounded by Christmas trees, warm fireplace, the best food, nicest little old man who owns it... it was a perfect day. Apparently they make all the wine, cheese and other foods for the restaurant up there in the mountains, which is cool also. The wine was soo good and Kostas said we could drink a whole jug of it and not have a headache in the morning. They sent us home with a jug so I guess we will have to put that theory to a test. :) The restaurant is only open on Sundays in the winter but I would love to go back there with Johnathon and Jaimie-Rose.... (guys, they have an appt they said we can stay in for the weekend).

a little kid in a christmas tree forest

our jug of wine.

Kostas and his wife's dog Joy. She sat at the table with us :)

the kitchen

Brook and Kostas

definitely one of my favorite days here so far. <3


  1. It all looks so wonderful... it's date.

    PS love the pics!

  2. I want a date there too!!! Great pics, (the hair looks pretty) Easy on that jug!!


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