Sunday, February 20, 2011

Greek Volley.

So last night I decided to be a good girlfriend and bring our camera to Brook's game vs. Patras to take some pictures. I love taking pictures buttt sports photography is apparently not my forte. Its the thought that counts though guys.

JR's mama Rose was in town. We were so happy to get to meet her... :)

We tried to find Jaimie-Rose a photo face where her eyes aren't so squinty. I think its a winner.

Me and JR and my Argentinian hermana Melina.

At least I captured what counts.... those calves. 

I love coming home to this crazy face.

They won the match in 5, and are still in first place but are now tied with Panathanikos. We had dinner after at Il Forno and had a really nice time with the Winder's and Rose!


  1. SO much fun!!! And thank you a million for putting up that sexy pic of me. Now my modeling career can take off..yes!

  2. haha I loooove it! It makes me laugh every time. you still look beautifulll buddy.


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