Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My very first college roommate and good friend Jamie Dahhhley came to visit us this week! She and her fiance live in Brussels where he (Sacha Kleinstein) plays soccer. Sacha plays for the US team and had to be back home for some games so she came to see us. :). We had a really relaxing and fun week, she lucked out because it was sooo warm and perfect every single day. She got to meet Hercules, eat a ton of Greek food, we got massages, went wine tasting, and we even laid on the beach for few hours! luckies.

we found this gem of a Taverna right by our house with the best view, food and super Greek-y vibe. ;) 

Jamielee Kleinstein 

       notice anything special about this picture??

I took Jamie up to Ano Polis.... gotta see some old stuff if you're in Greece I guess....

We also played a lot of cards (not sure how I never won, when I am the champ of all games....) and probably didn't stop quoting this classic video that you must watch if you havent....

it makes my ears burn every time.

Anyways we had a lot of fun with this little nugget!


  1. Bret this video has me rolling!!! Not only are my ears burning, my eyes are too.

  2. love the pics... AND I finally get to watch the video I have heard so much about. It did not disappoint... too good!

  3. Brett, You've done it again! Very inspiring and serene pictures. Not sure if you recieve my last comment, but check out my blog sometime. I finally started posting thanks to you. Check out "what a relief" because there is something special there for you :)

  4. that video is hillarious! never heard of it before.

  5. that video is a joke. my mom is like "what is she doing?"

  6. her enthusiasm is really contagious.


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