Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wine Not ?

Brook had a game in Athens this weekend (which they won in 3, woop!) and this week someone gave me tickets to the International food and wine exhibition... so I went... solo. I think a little lone adventure is good for the soul every now and then and I really enjoyed hanging out with myself. :)

so much good cheese!
really big cheese
     frozen sushi... no thanks...
     no thanks again...

This guy was the owner of one of the wine companies. He was romancing and wine-ing 2 babes at once and was so cute I had to snap his picture.

I made a few friends... (Ok mostly with bartenders, whateva).

I drank a lot of good wine with other business men/women like myself. 

Did I mention how much I love coming home to this prinnnnce? I love him so much.

Even though I am sort of sick it was such a lovely day today and I loved my adventure. Can't wait to pick my babe up from the airport in an hour and have a nice lazy day off tomorrow. 



  1. Looks like such a great time! Gotta love the solo adventures;) Love it Brett!

  2. Cute pictures. I need a new Cannon. (I mean, my birthday IS soon...)

  3. Hi, this is Melanie. It may seem wierd, but I came across your blog a while back through FB through a friend who used to play with Brook a long time ago. can see the chain there. :)

    I must say that I feel inspired with your blogs. It feels like I can feel positive, carefree, and enjoy/appreciate the little things in life. I used to be like that and some things have changed me and I want to feel normal again.

    The things that you post are things that I also love (art, culture, nature, fashion, etc).

    Reading your blogs makes me feel like coming back again. I tried to create my own blog and so far have not been good at updating. I only have one post from last year :).

  4. Melly you have no idea how much your comment meant to me! It totally made my day (and I was having a good day). It makes me ecstatic to hear that 1.) someone is actually reading this thing haha, and 2.) I may have somehow made a small impact on your life, or even just brightened someone's day. Makes me feel inspired to keep up this blogging bit. Now get to blogging so I can learn more about you :) Thank you again xxxxooo

  5. Hi Brett. thank you, that sounds great! I finally figured out what was wrong with my postings. check it out. there is something there for you :)

    have another good day.

  6. I don't like that dead pig. Everything else was awesome, I can totally see you cruising around that festival hitting up all the different bartenders haha. I miss you, and I'm jealous of the fun times with Jamie too! xo


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