Tuesday, February 16, 2010

jet lag.

Helloooo from Dubai. I got in late last night after the longest flight of my life. 16 hours, so brutal. Brook picked me up with some pretty flowers, then I had to go to his practice with him for an hour, so delirious at that point. I was wandering around the gym because I had to pee and I couldn't find a girls bathroom, so I'm pretty sure I went in the boys locker room... eh. After practice we came back to the apartment, 2 bedrooms if anyone wants to come visit. There is also an 8 person dining room table so i'll probably be throwing a lot of dinner parties for all my future new friends (or just Brook and Poley and myself). Took a lukewarm shower with the worst water pressure ever, hopefully getting that fixed today but I don't really care.
Anyways, I was too excited to sleep last night, I cant wait to explore a new country. We are going to Ikea today to get a few things for the apartment. Then probably to the beach or something. I have perfect internet here so just sign into your skype whenever youre on your computers so I can talk to you, thaaanks. Its exactly 12 hours ahead here, ps. Im gonna try and take some pictures today and post em up.

ciao bambinas.

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