Sunday, February 21, 2010

pool bars are the way to my heart.

Soo this past week has been pretty crazy. I love it here. Tuesday we went to Ikea and got some stuff for the house/bed, Wednesday we went to the beach in Jumeirah, and it was really nice. I will probably never get used to seeing camels on the beach though, I couldn't stop staring at them. It's crazy how many pretty seashells there are everywhere on the beach too. I feel like I never see them at home anymore these days, even in Hawaii. I am going to have to bring a bunch home and do something with them. Thursday we went to the mall of the Emirates which is soooo huge, and they have a Harvey Nichols which I was so happy about. They have the huuugest super markets here too, inside the malls called Carrefour... with everything from magic lamps to lychee. It's pretty crazy. Friday Brook had a game, which they lost in 5, but his team is pretty good and he played really well. There were probably 8 people there watching including me, and a little waiter man in a vest who brought people orange juice, tea, water, etc, during the game. Men were smoking in there too which was awesome. :/ ... That night we went to a restaurant called Foccacia in the Hyatt which was nice, they don't sell alcohol here, its only available in hotels/resorts so I was so happy to have some wine with dinner. I was telling a story and using my hands like always and I knocked my wine glass, then tried to recover it and was kind of swatting it back and forth (I think, I blacked out for a second) and then ended up breaking it in my bare hands. We were kind of laughing about it because it was funny, glass and wine everywhere, until we realized the blood gushing out of my hands...(maybe a little exaggerated). Luckily I'm tough and it wasn't too bad, I wish we had it on video though it was pretty classic. Yesterday we had the best day ever. We went to the Le Meridien Hotel which is on the beach and soooo pretty and nice, I pulled a stealthy move and stole us some towels so people thought we were staying there (a la Dana Wall, the apple...). The weather was so nice, like it is every day...kind of reminds me of Hawaii... and we drank cocktails at the pool bar all day, so fun. Then we went and sat on our chairs on the beach and watched some locals playing beach volleyball, they invited us to play and it was so much fun. The people we were playing with ended up being so cool, and we hung out with them that night at the restaurant/bar there. Dubai is such a melting pot, its crazy. One of our new friends was Egyptian, some Lebanese (they looked just like you meg), Iranian etc. I love it. They were such amazing people I am so happy we met them, and they play down there every weekend so I am sure we will meet up with them again. One of our new friends drove us home which was nice because we took a cab down there. Today we went to lunch at a local spot and had the best Hummus I have ever eaten, and some Kebbeh and lamb, so good. I found a TopShop at one of the malls here too which I was ecstatic about. There is so much to do here, we could do something different every day for the rest of our time here i'm sure. Here are some pictures.
love, love.

my favorite building, it reminds me of the wizard of oz. every building here is so unique and pretty.

my seashells.

they start em off young here

et moi, cheers.

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