Saturday, February 27, 2010

lost cities and lost booze.

wellpppp, another eventful week here in Dubai. Brook has Friday off so we were hoping to go out on Thursday and get a lil loose, which proved to be an impossible feat. Apparently it was "the holy prophet's birthday" which is Arabic for 2 days worth of sobriety, and not a cocktail to be found (and believe me we tried). We went out to Atlantis yesterday which is on The Palm island... pretttyyy dope. We hung out at the water park in the lazy river, then on the beach all day, ate some fresh watermelon and drank some coconut milk. All the while thinking how much better everything would be with a lil vodka on top. That's sad isn't it? I digress... We then pulled some Clark Kent influenced costume changes in the bathrooms and came out "ready" (super grimy) for our dinner there at Nobu. They started serving alcohol at 7pm yesterday so I made our reservations for 6:59, and dinner was really goood and nice. I've never eaten at a Nobu. It was good finally getting our hands on a little hair of the dog but I definitely wasn't feeling so hot this morning. Speaking of dogs, it is pourrriiiing rain here and thunder and lightening. I miss you guys and Pancho.

thursday we had lunch across from the Burj Dubai (Khalifa), the tallest building in the world... it really is huge and so pretty.


i want this ceiling in my bedroom... too much?

the bar...


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