Sunday, September 26, 2010


I get the award for best Iraklis sports fan this week I think.

Today we had a lazy sunday reading on the couch with our windows to our balcony open. It was pretty nice. People keep telling us to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, so we are and we really like it.
George, a journalist for Iraklis invited us to a football match so we went and it was pretty fun! We had good seats thanks to George... we were in the Press section.

my "paddington bear hat" as Brook calls it.

Don't worry I was paying attention most of the game but the view from the stands was sooo pretty, it was a little distracting. I love the clouds and hills and houses... Greece is prettttty beautiful.

The fans were so crazy! In a good way though. When we first got there I told Brook that next game I wanna sit with the crazy fans but after the fireworks and bombs I was kind of over that.

These guys were trying to climb onto the field because of a foul... probably going to be me in a few months when I'm a real die-hard.

Brook had a friendly match last night against another team from Thessaloniki... it went to 5 games but they pulled it out.

Bravo Brook.

:) good weekend.


  1. this was should come to big football match....and then you will get crazy too :P.....and also you will feel the atmosphere at big volley matches....

  2. welcome to Greece!Hope to have great time with Iraklis' family.

  3. Welcome in THESSALONIKI,you r invited to be with us GATE 10 FANS,dont afraid the fireworks and bombs(!)hahaha ,welcome to hell of gate 10! welcome in thessaloniki again!

  4. I won't say welcome to Thessaloniki. I will just say "welcome home". If you liked it that much , you and your husband , are invited to every home match we have from now on. This stadium is the home for everyone that feels even a heartbeat when our team kicks that damned ball. Don't hesitate to join us in Gate 10. Things aren't that weird and angry y'know. We're like a family. ;) And we will have the opportunity to meet Brook as well , before he proudly represent us in his first official match. And we will return the favor , y'know. You'll see how the crowd reacts in volley matches.. Trust me. You'll see it soon.
    Best regards! Welcome Home!


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