Wednesday, September 22, 2010

move over Van Gogh.

Here are some of my beautiful (ok, mediocre) watercolors I've been making to keep myself busy.

et, voilà!

some more of my other, more abstract work...

shit got tagged up.



  1. damn cuz... who woulda thought a Q would ever be good at art...

  2. Punkin you shouldn't write on your feet like that, it's not lady like.

  3. you're right I should probably invest in a manicure before I start posting pictures of these puppies.

  4. You are so talented!!! I went on here to look at your blog, then saw Brook's and decided to make my own. Well, it's for the kittens! :) Now I don't have to keep posting pics on facebook, I can share them on here. How did you get your pictures to look so good on here? Is it the camera you used, or the format of your profile. Miss you guys!


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