Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bergdorf Goodman holiday contest

Anyone who has had a chance to visit New York in the winter has surely experienced the amazing Bergdorf Goodman holiday window displays. I have, and I get butterflies just thinking about them, so when I read about this contest Bergdorf Goodman is putting on, I figured I'd do ittt. You wina bunch of crazy stuff.. namely, a private tour on the night of the holiday window unveiling and 2,500 dollar gift certificate. I am sure I wont win but it was fun making these little guys. You had to use two BG images they provided in your windows. Help me with which one I should submit? This is what I have so far... There are 4 days left to submit a window so get on it peoples!

BG 2


I dont think these are crazy enough but what can I say, I'm a minimalist. ;)

<3 Brett.


  1. I vote for the first one...although, the second one is pretty good too!

  2. I would say the first one Brett...if not, the third one...good job loved it!

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