Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I love Korres.

Those who know me know that my biggest weakness is skincare products. It is one of those things I think it is acceptable to spend more money on to get a better quality product. One of the best things about living in Europe is that a lot of the European products are cheaper! woohoooo. For example, Korres which has become one of my favorite skincare lines, is dirttt cheap here in Greece, Its native land. Not only that but they sell it at every "pharmacy" on every other corner. On my way to and or from yoga/pilates/the market (anywhere within walking distance that gives me an excuse to stop in) I will literally go in and just stare at all the Korres products.

Here are some of my faaves.

I have the lip butter in "wild rose" that I never leave home without...

The pomegranate moisturizer is soo amazing, I am obsessed. Not to mention I snagged it for $15 euro.... compared with $32 USD at sephora back home. (score)

The pomegranate cleansing wipes are perfect for removing make-up or if you're too lazy (or tipsy) to wash your face :) Not to mention it all smells so good.

Get into this stuff people... even if you're not getting the local Greek deal like me, its still super reasonably priced, and did I mention all natural??

Korres execs should be paying me to make this post.

anyway you can check it all out at www.korres.com

xooo Brett

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