Tuesday, December 14, 2010


A few weeks ago Brook and I made a trip down to Athens... Brook wanted to show me the city because I had never been. We woke up on Saturday morning, booked a hotel room, found directions and hit the road. We realized 45 minutes in that we forgot cash and had to turn around... so it ended up being about a 7 hour drive as opposed to 5 :). The drive was soooo pretty though, I took a bunch of video that I am going to throw together one of these days. We got to our cute hotel The Athens Gate and rested for a while before we walked to a cute restaurant beneath the Acropolis called Daphne's. A few of Brook's teammates were in town and one of them (Rodrigo Quiroga) met us for dinner. We haven't gone out or really drank since we have been here so we were thinking maybe we would party a little... Needless to say after a bottle a wine, some questionable Greek liquor shots, and a few of the strongest vodka tonics ever... I was toast. Brook was tired also so we went home around 1am after a long dinner. I woke up in the morning with probably the worst hangover ever, got pretty sick and we were thinking about just heading home. But it was my ONE day in Athens so I decided to try and tough it out and at least walk up and see the acropolis. It was a bit of a struggle but somehow I made it to the top and honestly, one of the most incredible views i have ever seen. I love how Greece doesn't have many sky-scraper type building so when you are at the top of a mountain you can literally see everything. It was pretty amazing even though I wasn't exactly in the best state to experience it. We grabbed some coffee and headed home in the early afternoon... Not our most successful trip but I am really glad I got to see the city. :)

We stopped to take a picture of these pretty hills, and so Brook could pee. I threw some olives at him.

nighttime acropolis... sooo gorgeous. (and i have 3 legs)

quite a few breaks for the hungover girl on the way up....

trying to hold it together :)

so nuts.

Good thing I have the best boyfriend ever to take care of me. (I quit drinking p.s.)

photo cred: Brook Billings


  1. Longest drive ever! but worth it B.

  2. I love the pics... and why do you still look so pretty when your hung over. There is a rule against that :)

    PS WHy did I not know you had a blog?

  3. It's settled...I need to visit! Acropolis looks killer.

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  4. adorable photos, and you look amazing hung over so don't sweat it. you guys are so cute! x


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