Sunday, January 2, 2011

my year in photos.

Here are some of my favorite and most memorable moments of 2010....

Brook signed a contract in Dubai and we got to live there for a few months.... I miss it so much and we made some pretty great memories there.

as well as some great friends <3

we moved back to California in April and my older man turned 30. :)

he had a big birthday bash in palm springs... his best birthday ever.

I was missing my Mama on Mother's day but I got to spend it with my other favorite Mom in Santa Barbara...

Then I celebrated my 24th birthday in Hermosa with some of my favorite people.

Brook made me a princess cake.

Brook and Damien played in a beach tournament in Ft. Lauderdale... some facepaint, a lot of cocktails... things got weird.

Then we traveled to Virgina for another tournament and road-tripped with Dave and Jack and my Mom and Bill to North Carolina ...

our first summer visit to the NC lake house.... so so so fun. Maybe my favorite week of the summer.


4th of July in Vegas. need I say more?

My baby sister turned 4! Zoo trip. <3

Beau turned 30 too and we went to the Rawi Big Bear house for some boating, bbqing and fun with Beau, Omar, Nikki, Sara and Brook.

got extra weird at the 6man this year...
best six man ever.

celebrated Jack's birthday in palm springs... another crazy weekend. so fun.

one last night out with friends for Bubby's birthday at Las Palmas...

mid-august we moved to Greece where Brook is playing for the season... It was so hot when we got here and we got to visit some amazing local beaches.

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary :)

I learned how to cook!!

We went home in October for Peter and Annie Grant's wedding. One of the best weekends of the year for sure.

We got to meet two of the most amazing little people ever... Phil and Kasia's babies, Luna Sophia (our future God-daughter) and Silver Ania. I love them.

We had some of our favorite people come visit us in Greece!

My Mama and Bill <3

Casey and Joey came out also and we all celebrated Thanksgiving at the Winder's.

We got a baby! Little Hercules. The other love of my life.

We celebrated Christmas here in Greece with our good friends Johnathon, Jaimie-Rose, and Rodrigo... so fun.


and now a new year! wooop.

I have a few things I am focusing on this year. I really want to try and challenge myself in the kitchen and try and become a reaaal chef :) maybe take some cooking classes. I will learn another language. It probably should be Greek but I am studying Italian. Get our Camera fixed and learn some more about photography. Maybe take some photography classes also. And maybe just try to be better, all around. This year was pretty incredible. I am a really lucky girl.



  1. 2011 will be the best one yet B...I promise :D

  2. I love this! (could be a few more pics of me and you...kidding) It seems like the longest year ever from looking at these pics! What a super-great time and I agree with Brook, 2011 will be the best one yet! I love you guys and my lidl grand-puppy <3

  3. i love you, best blog yet je pense.
    <3 Kayce

  4. I loved this blog. It was so much fun to see how you spent your year. By looks of it... you did have an AMAZING year. I am so glad that Jonathan and I were able to be small part of it. I am excited for more memories to come!!! WhooHooo!

  5. wooo hooo. now some more of your favorite people need to come visit greece huh? i miss you too too much this made me miss you more!


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