Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer snapshots

Brook and I had the craziest/best Summer ever. We literally did not stop going for one second but it was worth it spending time with all of our family and friends and having so much fun. Here are some snapshots of some of the highlights of our Summer... in no particular order...
Vegas with Tyler and Devon

Rock Creek with all the Quirartes


Wine tasting with our mamas in Santa Ynez
got over-served at the Bacara with Molls and E.

I got awesome at golf ;)

our good friends the Desiderios came to SB!

We celebrated this little beast's 30th

dominated the best 6man ever

Tyler and Devon threw us an engagement party which was seriously one of the most memorable nights ever.

so happy I got to see this little love of my life.

so much fun with everyone we love.

oh and this one :)
got to spend some quality time with my little Karl.
made it to Big Sur for the first time ever!

we were stationed in Santa Barbara at brooks mom Daphne's house so we were able to spend a lot of time with these amazing people!

Also lots of fun with these beauties

This was by far the best Summer of my life. So much other cool stuff happened too that I don't have picture of. Both of our big sisters got engaged as well (woohoooo!!), my baby sister turned 5, I got a special visit from little Kate all the way from Australia for our engagement party :) ... and so much more. We are now living in Istanbul where Brook is playing for the season. I'm so excited for all the adventures to come. stay tuned.


  1. im not in any of these!

  2. Same here!! :(

  3. love this post... so glad you are back on this thing. i agree... the summer was epic but next summer will be even BETTER!!!

    see ya soon sista!

  4. cody, youre in the rock creek one! chad thats what you get for leaving early :) and casey thats what you get for not showing up. booya.

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  6. This has nothing to do with pigs, but I do not see any lakey pics in here. I suppose you are going to do a whole blog post about it cuz it's so great...or perhaps you don't want to let the secret vacation spot of the stars get out....either way.<3


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