Tuesday, November 15, 2011

London Love.

A few weeks ago my fiance Brook and I decided to pop over to London for a long weekend. He had some time off and had never been so it seemed like the perfect chance. It is also pretty much as close as you can get to feeling "at home" being an American in Europe. I know its so different but it is SO nice just knowing everyone speaks English. Although we both were inclined to thank people in Turkish for the first day or so. I have had the chance to spend a good amount of time there during summers in college visiting friends and some family and was dying to get back there. The trip definitely made me remember why it had been my favorite city for so long. We lucked out on the weather, apparently it was record highs for this time of year, sweater and pea coat weather and only an hour or so of rain.

We also go to see the Lion King which we had both wanted to see for a while. It was Brook's first trip to the theatre and the show was amazing. There was a drunk woman behind him though, who spit water all over him and was kicking his chair the entire time. That wasn't so amazing. She and her friends ended up leaving at intermission thankfully.

We shopped a bit, hit up the massive Top Shop on Oxford st. my old stomping grounds. I used to spend so much money there when I was younger and the store wasn't in the US yet. The Pound to dollar conversion is pretty staggering that I constrained myself to a couple pairs of shoes and a dress. (since they dont sell size 10 shoes in all of Turkey... literally) Brook got a lot of cute stuff which he needed as well.
walking to london bridge...

old Billings walk :) 

Borough market... you gotta check it out if you go!

out to dinner

walking to st. james park from big benny

car show we stumbled into on Regent st.

so much funn.   

We walked all over London and saw so much, got to meet up with my friends Lawrence and James and their lovely girlfriends for some tapas and pints afterward. We ate so much good food and got to drink all the Christmas drinks at starbucks that we don't have here in Istanbul :). I really didn't want to leave but it is nice to be home with Hercules. I spent yesterday making our apartment a little winter wonderland, and my little Karlie gets here on thursday! I am sooo excited!


  1. Muy Jealouso...sans the drunk girl in the theatre part!!

  2. Sounds like a blast! maybe ill go someday...

  3. Love all the pics... This isn't helping your case for us to go to Istanbul over London haha love it love you!!

  4. Love this B, You are inspiring me to blog more. I love hearing about all you fun times. Wish we could do fun things together. Miss you lots. xox


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