Friday, October 8, 2010

baby its cold outside

annnnd I couldn't be happier. The cold and this time of year just make my heart so happy. We had a cooozy week. Yesterday in particular.

This lucky guy....feasted yesterday.

I made the red bean chili ive blogged about before. So so goood.

Then I made some sugar cookies... easiest recipe and they were really good.

Then for dinner we had this baked potato soup that I have been craaaving. Especially in this soupy weather. We loved it. It doesn't look that cool, but it was.

Brook is gone til tomorrow night. I really wish I had one of those kitties to snuggle with me. <3


  1. Those kittens look sooo cute! You need to get some kittens! Mine are a handful, but full of "kitten snuggle time"..... KST. Omar made that saying! Miss you guys!

  2. cute pictures... and i love your new blog header! it's amazing. x


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